About MicroAge

MicroAge provides customized IT solutions allowing Canadian businesses to gain in productivity, achieve their business objectives and maximize their investment in computer equipment and tools.

The tools and methods offered by MicroAge are adapted to the needs of Canadian SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) regardless of their field of activity and the size of the market that they serve.

No matter what is the situation of our customers, we will find the optimal solution that will allow them to increase their operational efficiency.

The business opportunity

MicroAge franchisees offer the highest level of products, support and services to their customers. Even though the types of customers vary and come from a wide range of industries, we have focused our efforts on one noteworthy segment: The Small to Medium Business market.

As a strong, thriving and dynamic segment of the canadian economy, the SMB market presently offers great potential for steady and long-lasting growth. It is the best possible fit for the MicroAge business model and promises success for our Franchise partners for years to come.


MicroAge draws its strength from its network of franchisees and partners that provide first-grade IT solutions to demanding customers.

In the IT service industry, we firmly believe that independent business owners, in addition to their incredible drive, have a unique perspective on the customers operating in their territory.

Working with major players in their community since 1981, our franchisees work every day on building strong and lasting relationships with their business associates and clients they serve.

As part of The MicroAge Network in Canada for the past 25 years, we have been able to transform a... read more

As part of The MicroAge Network in Canada for the past 25 years, we have been able to transform a once small town IT operation into a well-known and respected regional player in Northern Ontario. We could never have achieved the success and milestones we have over the years without the transformation The MicroAge Network has enabled us to attain.

MicroAge Canada’s best practices and business intelligence allows us to grow and successfully compete in what is now, a global market. With our local presence, and the network’s national scope, we are truly stronger in numbers with both our clients and our vendors. We would never have been able to weather the economic downturn in the IT sector in the late 2000’s if it wasn’t for MicroAge Canada. The paradigm shifts we needed to make would have been unsurmountable as an independent VAR.

Our adaptation to MicroAge Canada’s business model continues to separate us from our competitors as we continue pursuing excellence in all aspects of our business.

Don Bruni, President MicroAge Sault Ste. Marie


As independent business owners and resellers of IT solutions, obtaining the assistance, resources and tools you need to succeed and grow your company can turn out to be a real challenge.

To meet those needs, we have created an Affiliated Partner Program so that such business owners can have access to a wider array of quality tools, solutions and advantages, in order to expand their service portfolio while helping them remain competitive.

From innovative training workshops to access to our national network of certified technicians, there are numerous solutions that will allow you to maximize your impact at the local level.

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